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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

AN106 - Partial Discharge Testing & Long Term Reliability

Most of us think of High-Reliability applications as limited to Spacecraft missions.  The fact is a non-repairable application can also be defined as high cost or limited access of the power supply.   Reliability of the high voltage capacitor being used in these type of applications is of the utmost importance.  CalRamic Technologies focuses on the proper designs, materials used, and strict processing of its components to ensure reliability.  Screening and testing for final inspection is vitally important to qualify the component.  

For high reliability applications, Partial Discharge Corona testing is a final screening test.  It is one of the most practical tests to detect minor and major defects in Ceramic Capacitors.   Application Note 106 outlines the general theory and screening criteria for High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors. Please feel free to contact one of our Technical Representatives with questions regarding your specific application at

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