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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Handling Ceramic Capacitors - Application Note 112

There are a number of reasons Ceramic Capacitors are used in a variety of applications, but the care and handling of any electronic component are critical.  Proper handling guarantees the performance and long term reliability of the capacitor.  High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors offered by CalRamic Technologies, are typically larger than most found in the low voltage industry, which is attributed to the voltage design requirements.  These types of larger ceramic capacitors require proper handling to eliminate any thermal and Mechanical  stresses that may occur.

Ceramic capacitors are complex mechanical structures that can be easily damaged or contaminated if they are not handled with care. Undesirable results can occur through a multitude of circumstances and although the majority of issues may be obvious and addressed through intended inspection protocols and cleaning techniques, a small percentage may escape detection and may represent a latent failure condition that may not be evident until sometime after the part / system is out in the field. CalRamic Application Note 112 is intended to provide general guidelines for handling of ceramic capacitors. It reviews the importance of basic handling techniques and provides recommendations that when followed, will help to prevent associated problems from occurring.

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