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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

CalRamic Capacitor Education Series: Mechanical Configurations AN109-3

CAPACITOR BASICS III – Mechanical Configurations

In our continuing educational series on ceramic capacitors, we are sharing the Application Note 109-3, Capacitor Basics 3 - Single-layer versus Multilayer designs.   

In their simplest form ceramic capacitors are comprised of a single sheet or layer of dielectric with electrodes printed on each side. This approach may be ideal for higher voltage, lower capacitance designs, but may not be considered practical for applications where a significant amount of capacitance is required.  Material and process constraints place finite limitations on the overall maximum size of a plate and the minimum thickness that one can reliably cast dielectric. Once those limitations have been reached the engineer is forced to look at alternative methods by which these challenges can be managed and multilayer capacitor designs provide that option.

We offer many different configurations for High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors. Give us a call to discuss your application and the best capacitor solution for your project.

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