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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

CalRamic HV Capacitor Education Series: Application Note 109-1

During the next couple months, we will be releasing our high voltage ceramic capacitor educational series.  Each application requires different capacitor specifications, which include design, material and screening.  Our educational series will help you integrate our capacitors into your specific application.  AN109-1 starts with the basics on how capacitors work.

CAPACITOR BASICS I – How Capacitors Work

A capacitor is an electrical device which serves to store up electrical energy for release at a predetermined time. In its most basic form, it is comprised of three essential components, two (2) metal plates or conductors, separated and insulated by the third part called the dielectric. A capacitor should not be confused with a battery inasmuch as both devices store energy, but unlike a battery that relies on a chemical reaction to generate electrons, a capacitor can’t produce electrons, it can only store them...

AN109-1 can be read in its entirety through our Application Notes Page.

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