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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

6 Reasons to Consider CalRamic Technologies for your High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Needs

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors offered by CalRamic Technologies are designed to work in an extensive variety of applications with high-reliability.  We provide a wide variety of dielectrics with long-term performance ratings and are confident we can deliver the proper Capacitor for your application.

Our well-established conservative design standards have allowed us to produce reliable performance components for Commercial, Military and Space applications worldwide.  Every Capacitor is manufactured with the highest quality materials, ensuring maximum Quality and Reliability for all of our products.

Customer Service
Here at CalRamic Technologies, our team is constantly engaged with our clients throughout all purchasing and manufacturing processes as needed.  Whether it be for discussion of the best capacitors for your application, a quick quote turnaround, expedited manufacturing/delivery, or product support post-delivery, we are with you every step of the way.  Our customer service is among the most prompt and thorough in the industry.

Lead Time
With Lean Manufacturing, our US-Based manufacturing facility quotes the lowest industry lead times for fabrication of our High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors.  We ship same-day from in-stock inventory and provide rapid prototype turnarounds.  We are very proud to have nearly 100% on-time delivery for all of our clients.

With worldwide competition on our products, we aggressively look at how we can help you cut costs.  Lean manufacturing gives us the flexibility required to offer competitive pricing on larger volumes, while keeping maximum quality levels.

Integrity and Trust
We strongly believe in building and maintaining trust with our clients, providing the best possible service and establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

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