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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fun with the CalRamic Team

CalRamic Technologies LLC is off to a fantastic start for 2016! With the year well under way, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite moments from 2015, as well as, some of our exciting plans for 2016, to get psyched up for what is going to be another fun-filled and productive year.

This year, CalRamic Technologies LLC has many exciting plans to expand our business and applications through trade shows and market outreach. We made a strong showing at the Space Tech Expo in Germany in November, showcasing our Space Level Ultra High Reliability products and interacting with industry leaders in the Aerospace market--while having a bit of fun as well. Company President Jeff Day even had a chance to try his hand at a high-tech flight simulator!

During November, the CalRamic employees were busy squaring off in the annual CalRamic Chili Cook-off. Defending Champion and Production Manager, Dave Munoz, had some fierce competition, but managed to pull off another victory for Best Overall Chili with his world famous "El Mexicano" chili. Members of the Technical Team also had a strong showing with ties for Spiciest Chili and Second Place, with surprisingly strong showing from Application Engineer Anthony Bass' vegan chili.

Just a few short weeks after the Space Tech Expo and Chili Cook-off, it was time for yet another wonderful CalRamic Holiday Party. The party was a particularly fun one due to the arrangement of a Casino Night where everyone had a chance to put on their poker face and win as much "funny money" as possible. The craps and roulette tables drew big crowds, where members of the production team tried to win big while learning some valuable strategy. There were also smaller, intense card games like blackjack where the CalRamic team used its brainpower with a bit of luck to count cards and beat out the dealers.

CalRamic Technologies LLC had a wonderful 2015 on all fronts. It was fun and productive year where the team used all opportunities to become more productive, strengthen relationships, and grow the company while building and bringing a lot of positive momentum into 2016.

CalRamic Technologies LLC has been looking forward to presenting our products to the Military, Space, Extreme Environment, and Commercial Sectors in upcoming trade shows through March. First off, March 8-9, we were at the Components for Military & Space Electronics Training & Exhibition (CMSE) show in Los Angeles, CA, where we met with industry leaders.We are now attending the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Long Beach, CA, where we hope to expand our client base and become more widely recognized as a world leader in manufacturing ultra high reliability capacitors for a variety of markets and applications. As we continue to keep and build our momentum early on, CalRamic Technologies LLC looks forward to another exciting and productive year where we will make more fond memories and bonds while continuing to grow and become more recognized as a world leader in capacitor technology.

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