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Thursday, October 29, 2015

CalRamic's Manufacturing and Sales Values

How can we help you with your High Voltage Power Supply when you are in need of High Voltage Capacitors?

There are many Dielectric manufacturing choices for High Voltage Applications and we know there are many selections when choosing a company.  Our goal, here, at CalRamic Technologies is to help you find the right solution with HV ceramic capacitors.

Once you get past the practical application and requirements of the Capacitor, another important aspect is Vendor/Customer Relations. We believe this is critical in developing good long-term relationships.

As the founder and CEO of CalRamic Technologies, LLC, I hold our Values as our highest guiding principles and personally believe that all else stems from these core beliefs.

Our values are simple, but effective and meaningful for us, and will be for you too. 

 *Integrity- To operate consistently with moral and ethical standards

    ** Trust and Honor- Developing trust with our clients and hold relationships in the highest honor

    *** Performance and Reliability- Highest reliability standards with optimal performance from our products

Jeffrey M. Day

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