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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mission Impossible A400M Tom Cruise Stunt

This summer Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation flew into theaters.  If you haven't seen the movie you may not want to read further, but watching the video is very cool.

The opening scene is the Mission Impossible team is trying to prevent a payload from being loaded and then taking off in the Airbus A400M.  Why does the team at CalRamic think this is so significant?  Because our ceramic capacitors are on-board as part of the flight control system!  We featured the A400M in our company video and were more than proud to see her featured with Tom Cruise.

Yes, Mr. Cruise did perform the stunts on the aircraft.  He was only attached by a single harness so that it would give the appearance that he was not attached to the plane.  We think the stunt worked perfectly!  

You can read more about the thoughts behind using the A400M in this article:

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