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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

HV Ceramic Capacitors for X-Ray and Diagnostic Applications

High voltage ceramic capacitors are necessary for high frequency purposes like x-ray and diagnostic applications.  X-Ray processes can range from bomb detection to bone densitometry.  The high voltage ceramic capacitors manufactured by CalRamic provide the required high reliability and superior performance for these applications.

One such diagnostic application example, shown below, is the Gamma Camera.  The device is used to image gamma radiation emitting isotopes that are injected or inhaled into the patient.  Flat crystal planes are coupled into an optical array that counts the gamma photons absorbed by the crystals.  Two-dimensional images are created from the captured gamma radiation.  This imaging technique is used to scan the brain, thyroid, lungs, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and skeleton.  Unlike conventional x-ray techniques that scan structure and anatomy, the gamma camera produces imagery that maps the function and processes of the body.

HV disc low loss capacitors (CRT-0019), along with the HV disc capacitors (CRT-0006) and the HV multilayer capacitors (CRT-0010), manufactured by CalRamic, would provide the capacitance necessary for successful application in the X-Ray/diagnostic industry.  These capacitors are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines to ensure unparalleled performance in high voltage applications.

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