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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

AN114 - High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Testing Protocols

CalRamic Technologies provides High Voltage Capacitors for a variety of applications: Geothermal/Geophysical, Commercial and Military, Medical, and Hi-Reliability Space level.  A variety of environmental conditions exist in all of these applications, and understanding the Protocols and screening criteria can be a bit confusing.

The level of reliability associated with capacitor selection is generally dictated by the intended application in which a capacitor will be used and the associated environmental conditions to which the part will be subjected. These applications can differ significantly, from basic commercial applications, to more demanding industrial, military/aerospace or automotive programs, to system critical space applications. Ensuring that the chosen capacitor matches its intended application is critical to achieving long term success. This application note reviews the more
common applications and presents testing protocols most often associated with the governing specifications that exist.

Feel free to contact our Applications Engineering team to discuss the definitions and options to help find the correct part and screening for you.